My Let's Roll Story

Hey there! My name is Jeff Welsh and I’m an avid cyclist. I’m also a husband, father, son and entrepreneur who has had a lifelong passion for spending time outdoors. But this hasn’t always been a happy fun filled journey, until now.

You see, I began my active journey at a very young age. I was always into something … cycling, skateboarding, hiking, fishing, snowboarding, camping … you name it. Being active outside was just what I did.

Fast forward to my twenties. College, life and my career got me off track. I spent time doing the things we are always told we’re supposed to do. Finish school, get a job, stay there forever and start a family.

My Let's Roll Story : Jeff Welsh

Well the problem was that this got me off track for sure (fitness wise). I sat in a chair all day at my computer job for years. I had no real direction in life. I gained weight and over time I became unhappy with where my life was going.

So what did I do? I quit my job and became an entrepreneur. I was tired of working for others and I wanted more control. Well that’s what I got, control of my own destiny.

It wasn’t easy. I started a business. It failed. I moved and started another business. It too failed. Then I met my now business partner who was interested in starting another business, so we joined forces and FINALLY I created a successful business (and that’s a whole different story. lol).

Even though I now had a successful career that could support my family, I was still not happy with the state of my health. I was an overweight, middle aged and a miserable person.

Although I had been trying to workout, I just hadn’t found the right thing for me. I hated running, I didn’t know how to lift weights, I blew my knee out at a group fitness class and I was down for the count several years ago. I was stuck. I needed something new with direction.

So, since my knee was not what it used to be, I chose an activity that was low impact. I decided to get serious with cycling. I had rode many times before, but because I liked to experiment with many activities I didn’t progress in any sport. I just experimented a ton.

This time I stuck with one activity. An activity that I enjoyed and could really become obsessed with.

Initially, going out on the local rail trail for a 13 mile ride was a BIG DEAL. It really exhausted me. But I stuck with it. I rode consistently on my new gravel bike. After a while, I decided to get back into a regular resistance workout routine to support my new cycling addiction.

I signed up for a 30 mile ride with my friend and completed it. What a great feeling. Two months later I traveled to Virginia to complete a metric century ride (66 miles) and completed that one solo. I was thrilled.

But even though I had been relatively consistent with my rides I was still overweight. That winter I weighed 206 lbs, went snowboarding and struggled to breathe while putting my boots on. That was it, I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided to really change!

I immediately set an interesting goal. One that would keep me focused and produce results. I decided that I would cycle 3,000 miles within one calendar year. The equivalent of riding from Ocean City, MD to San Francisco, CA (virtually). I’ll tell this story in another article, but for now just know that I successfully did just that. I completed the 3,000 miles and had all the data to prove it.

Also, within that year I signed up for a century ride, 100 miles in one outing. Completed that. I hired a fitness coach that could help me with the areas I wasn’t good with and to keep me on point. This was one of the best moves I made. I consistently worked out for 18 months straight and I changed my eating habits. In the course of a short period of time I lost 26 pounds. This may not sound like much, but it made all the difference in the world. I was healthier, happier and all around better to be around.

So, how did I achieve all of this? I game-a-fied it. I made it fun. I found ways to block out the parts that I wasn’t excited about so that I could stay on course and get results.

Now, I’m totally obsessed with cycling and bettering my health. I’m glad I did so, because I’m certain I’ll have a healthier and longer life because of it, God willing.

Just because you’re older, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life and make change. I did and I’m forever grateful for having the drive to do so and hope that I can only be of inspiration to others to do the same!

So what are you waiting for? Get up and rise to the occasion, because you only have one life to live.

Let’s Roll!